What is it?

It is a cloud tool that helps you manage, easily and efficiently, the filming of your audiovisual production.

How does it work?

The elements of each sequence are itemised (actors, equipment, technical resources, etc.) on a database and are managed using a calendar-type graphic interface.

What does it offer?

It saves time and money, improves communication with your team and facilitates better management of production documents, improved planning in organising the shoot, a library of resources and a more efficient and comfortable way to work. It eliminates the need for rigid and complicated desktop software.

Who will it help?

Production companies, freelance professionals, students and enthusiasts managing their 100th feature length film or TV series and those making their first short film or documentary.



Sequences in the calendar

Visually order the sequences and production elements on the calendar.


Sequences list

Create and enter the different filming elements of each sequence.


Shot planning

Generate the documents required for the production (citations, breakdown sheets, etc.).



Create tasks and incorporate them into the calendar.


Coming soon

Communicate with your team and allow them access to the program, selecting permits.


Coming soon

Export your projects and download them to your desired location.


Coming soon

Control expenditure and make the most of resources.

Automatic breakdown

Coming soon

Import scripts in pdf and shootize will help you to break them down.

Coming soon:

Importing from Celtx



Dropbox integration



Google Drive integration

Google Drive