What can Shootize do for you?

  • With Shootize you can MANAGE a large production (feature length film, series) or a short film to achieve optimum results.
  • Shootize makes it easier to breakdown your script into sequences. The process is quick and simple and you can always change it later or add more information to each sequence.
  • With Shootize it is easy to manage the LIBRARIES that contain the elements required to shoot the sequences in the script (camera team, props, actors, etc…) and the production costs associated with each of these elements.
  • With Shootize, your shoot is reflected in a calendar and you can check your schedule at a glance. It's easy to change the plan, drag sequences or change the shooting time assigned to each. By controlling the permits you grant, your team takes care of the details (elements required, work orders) while you focus on controlling the work plan and budget.

Working with Shootize

Sequences Library Calendar

Breaking down sequences

The objective of Shootize is that you can breakdown your SCRIPT SEQUENCES quickly and easily. You can create new sequences, assign a time to them and define their features and their position in the original script. Later you can assign any elements that are required to them: actors, locations, props, extras... taking them from the library or creating them as you do the breakdown. You can also define the plans you need and assign them resources from the library. Changing the sequences created is also very simple. Shootize is as flexible as your shoot. Shootize notifies you of any date incompatibilities between scenes and the resources you apply.

Saving elements in the library

The library is the database for your shoot. It is very easy to organise the production elements with it: actors, locations, props, extras...They can be filtered by shoot date, location or set. You can also import earlier production elements, recalling, for example, actors with which you regularly work.

Shootize is a flexible tool: it allows you to create personalised categories, adapting them to the specific needs of each production. If you are filming a war movie, for example, you can create the categories "arms" or "uniforms", to create an inventory of related material. In addition, with Shootize you can manage your budget, assigning a cost to each element.

Allocating time to each sequence in the calendar

The calendar allows you to review your shooting schedule at a glance. You can see all the sequences to which you have assigned a date and add more. You can use the panel on the left of the calendar to add a sequence or position it over the calendar, including basic information only. The entire calendar is interactive. You can change each sequence dragging it from one date to another or extending it to assign more time to it.

Team work

By simply selecting a field you can authorise a member of your team to add or change certain elements or to change the entire shoot schedule. You decide on the appropriate level of authorisation. Are you starting out? Read our brief guide on how to breakdown your script and plan your shoot.